Sad 240v Heat-bed vs 24v Question

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    Hi All,

    With regards to 240v vs 24v heatbeds, I'm familiar with most of the pro's and con's, and of-course the safety in applying a SSR and grounding.

    Are the 240v options cheaper to run, or will I be able to sit there and what the meter wheel go round and round, costing ££££££££££ ?

    Sad, I know, but a curious question.


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    Other things being equal, a 240V bed will be slightly cheaper to run (perhaps by 5%) because of the conversion losses in the 24V supply.

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    For what it's worth, once the bed is up to temp it doesn't have to work very hard to keep it there, especially with insulation on the underside. From my own calculations for my printer it's about the same as running a 100w light bulb. That's with a 600w 120v heater and 40w 24v hotend, 4 motors, and LED strip.

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