Moisture sensor / Hygrometer

  • Hi,
    has anybody successfully attached a hygrometer to any duet board? I am thinking about this to have a moisture-sensor/hygrometer go to the filamentbox to throw a warning if there is too high humidity for a certain material. The max level (threshold) what is too high could be individually stored in the "filaments" on the duet. Though that would mean you cannot just post any g-code file from a third party slicer but also have to make sure the same filament is selected on the duet...
    Any ideas?

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    Duet/RRF supports the DHT temperature and humidity sensor.

  • @dc42
    First - thanks for answering so fast!
    Searching the forum for "DHT" or "DHT11"/"DHT22" did the job!

    Solved - thanks!

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