Multiple Filament nozzles flows at same time to speed up Infill

  • Finally started building my Duet Railcore / ToolChanger variant and was shipped an incorrect hot end from China.

    It now has me thinking a fast infill possibility.

    The Shipped hot end is a 3 in 3 out, so it has 3 nozzles on a single block.

    I know some sort of Slicer program options will need to be added, and maybe Duet firmware?

    Kind of like those 2 identical parts printing at once. The gantry movement is same for both hotends.

    With these 3 or more nozzles on single hotend would extrude if needed during that current gantry location and movement,
    For each single infill line movement 1-3+ independent flows of filament will be printed if needed at same time.


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