Question for DC42 (or a conversant moderator) regarding G1 R2

  • I'm now running my machine fully as a CoreXYUVAB. That is to say, the axes are no longer synchronised and I use a post slicer process to generate UVAB moves as necessary. All other macros (e.g. homing files) have also been re-written to include UVAB moves as well as X and Y moves.

    One thing I haven't yet tested is a macro that I use for purging during a print. When this macro runs, the print head moves to the back of the machine where the purge takes place into a "bucket" and the nozzle is wiped across a silicone strip. I then use G1 R2 X0 Y0 Z0 to restore the print head to it's "pre-macro" position and continue printing.

    So this G1 R2 X0 Y0 Z0 Fnn command will have to be expanded to G1 R2 X0 Y0 Z0 U0 V0 A0 B0 Fnn.

    Will that work? Has it been tested or is it a "should work but use with caution"? It isn't easy to test and could cause some damage if it doesn't work.


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    It should work, because restore points record the positions of as many of the 10 possible axes as have been created and are not hidden.

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