Question for those with auto-leveling via three steppers

  • Hi,

    I just equipped my first printer with three Z steppers so I could try auto-leveling.

    My question is this - when do you perform the auto-leveling procedure?

    • During Z homing?
    • As part of the process to prepare to print?
    • Both of they above?
    • Something else entirely?

    Thanks much.


  • I usually level the bed when I first turn on the printer (when left for a long time my bed can drop slightly on one or more of the motors). Once levelled it is fine until I power off.

  • @fcwilt similar to @gloomyandy, I have a macro I run to level my bed that I run on initial power up after homing. That macro also rehomes z after as I know my bed is bit warped. I find that it only really needs levelling after a power cycle (though will occasionally run in between longer / more critical prints).
    I find that sometimes it barely has to correct much, but sometimes it needs a few goes. I like to manually run the macro so I can see the result and rerun it as many times needed. If I wanted perfect repeatability, I'd call it three times in my start Gcode (or maybe do something funky with conditional Gcode) bit I like having more control over it, and keeps the homing files simpler for when you just want to home the axes!

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