doesn't work if power cycled with touch panel pressed

  • Hi!

    I have a issue with PanelDue. I'm using 3.2 firmware version but I suspect that older firmwares also have the same issue.

    Sometimes after reset touchscreen doesn't work at all. I tried to reset LCD plenty of time but it still happen(reset button, not power). I assumed that PanelDue is broken but I tried to reproduce it on second LCD and this issue still exist.
    Only solution to make it work is power reset.

    Then I released that the printed case is touching a touchscreen all the time. So if something is touching the screen and you reset the screen - touchscreen won't respond.

    I prepared instructions and movie how to reproduce it

    • put you finger or two on the touchscreen (all the time)
    • in this same time click reset button
    • after reset touchscreen won't respond at all

    I've started diggind what is going on. It looks that ATSAM microcontroller works fine, but something is wrong with SSD1963. I tried to find schematic, but I found only old version when main microcontroller and display were seperate.

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