M703 parameters

  • I think it would be nice if M703 could accept something like a P"filament" parameter.

    At present the logic appears to be that M703 is called as the last thing after the filament is loaded (suggested it is put in tool post.g
    That makes sense, but also pretty much requires that every filament have an individual heating and config file.

    I think if M703 could be called at any point, then you could get rid of a lot of files and use the object model to centralize things.
    So the workflow is (assuming a filament is already loaded)

    • Call preheat.g to get ready to unload current filament
    • Call centralized "do-moves-for-unload.g"
    • Call M703 P"ABS" to load all cold retract/extrude temps etc
    • Call a centralized "Preheat.g" which heats to the defined temps
    • Call a centralized "do-moves-for-load"

    I realise that it can be called using M98 and a full filepath.
    There is also some chicken/egg stuff relating to "what happens if the load doesn't complete" and maybe some DWC implications.
    Just running it up the flag.

  • @OwenD

    Yeah - this cool idea of RRF having a data-set for the filaments can be taken further!


    Vals in filament-config.g of the set filament, of course have to be loaded before the un-/load.g so to be already used e.g. via conditional g-code what is in there... also chamber temperature could be included in the filament-config.g...(also for un-/load.g heat-plate and chamber are not called there within as only the extruder-settings are needed)

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