Problem trying to revert back to 1.18.1 from 1.19bet8

  • As title. Trying to revert back to 1.18.1 (Ethernet version) but after uploading and installing the file, in DWC I get "Error could not establish connection to Duet Firmware. Please check settings and try again". I have to cycle the power to the machine and close and restart DWC which then connects fine but when I look at settings it reports the firmware as being 1.19bet8. What do I need to do to revert back to 1.18.1?

  • i was just reading about that and saw a line on how to revert back. hope this helps…

  • Yes, cheers but that's for WiFi version - I'm using Ethernet version.

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    I have not tried reverting my DuetEthernet however if it does not work through DWC then try issuing the M997 through pronterface or similar, if it still does not work then SAM-BA can force load the old Firmware

  • Thanks Tony. I'm trying to do via usb and Pronteface. Got as far as Pronteface saying "Updating main firmware" but it's just sitting there. How long does it take?

  • I gave up after about 30 minutes of Pronteface saying "Updating main firmware". Disconnected, waited a while. Connected again - all good. Disconnected USB cable, connected network cable. Started DWC and it still reports firmware 1.19bet8.

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    Try copying the latest iap4e.bin file to /sys on the SD card, then try M997 from Pronterface again. If that doesn't work, use SAM-BA or Bossa/bossac 1.8.

    If you havea PanelDue attached, it will display the progress after you send M997.

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