DWC user management

  • Hey guys,

    are there plans for a user management for the DWC? Just with username and password and an extra tab to manage the roles

    Possible use-case and roles:

    • teacher/student
    • service/user/admin
    • assignee/user

    limited options:

    • uploading config.g
    • changing config.g
    • opening config.g
    • uploading filament
    • uploading new firmware
    • no use of the console
    • uploading macros
    • creating macros
    • ...

    It would be nice if it would be possible to permit users form stated options but they are still able to use the DWC.

  • @taconite
    this becomes difficult very quickly.

    as soon as you allow for printing you could circumvent most of these restriction from the DWC.

    this would mean that the user system would need to be implemented in the firmware.
    and since its an embedded device with limited space, this would be a problem.

    with the sbc connected on a duet3 this could be implemented on the raspberry pi.
    but my guess would be that the demand for such a thing is very low.

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