Having trouble getting Dueui to work ...

  • I wanted to get Dueui working on a raspberry pi with Touch Screen. I use it to host a camera for monitoring the printer and up till now was using DWS in a browser on the pi. Understandably - it's a bit clumsy. Dueui looks perfect for my needs.
    I installed nginx but was having issues with css and js files not being found and (I suspect) not being written.

    I am now trying the Dueui.org version but see similar errors. Obviously - I'm doing something wrong.
    Note that it looks like it's trying to read / write to the duet.org site - which does not immediately make sense. This was a similar problem to what I saw when trying on nginx - it was trying to access files on the duet and ignoring the fact of the files being on the local pi.

    This is a screenshot from my browser (chrome) with the errors shown in the console. The browser is on the same network as the Duet and I have downloaded (and renamed) the dueui_config.json file to the duet /sys dir.

    Any help in debugging would be greatly appreciated.

  • It looks like you're using an old version. The current version is 3.0.2.

    If you wan to run the DueUI hosted version use the following link:

    I did I forget to make http://dueui.org point to 3.0.2 when I released that version but I'll fix that later this afternoon.

  • Hi - @gtj0

    I tried again using this url (with "clean" browser).
    Accepted the default "standalone" mode
    Selected Cerulian for the theme
    I entered the IP of my duet2wi
    left the password as reprap (I do NOT have a password set up on my Duet)
    Adjusted the configuration file to read
    http://[ip of Duet]/rr_download?name=/sys/dueui_config.json (this is the ONLY Dueui file I have on the Duet)

    The dueui_config.json file exists and can be retrieved using the above url from the browser.

    Selected save then refresh

    Here is what I get:


    Specifically these errors - all 404:

    Could not load content for http://dueui.org/v3/js/bootstrap.bundle.js.map:



    It's looking for css files to be installed on the Duet itself. Is this expected? If so would not the url be .../dueui/css/..... ?

    Is the .js.map file one that is initially written by Dueiu ? If so it's trying to write it to the dueui.org site. Is that expected ? If yes - how is it created (I ask because of my prior nginx troubleshooting failure 😲 where it appeared to be looking for files in paces that did not make sense (to me) )

  • @stuartofmt Those failures are "normal". The map file is used only by devtools and isn't needed because I don't minimize my code. The css files are only used if you have custom themes.

    When polling is off, you'll always get the setting page because there's nothing to see without it. Turn polling on and refresh.

  • Brilliant - thanks !

    I obviously got side-tracked with polling not being "On" and the non-error error messages.

    I went back to the nginx setup on the raspberry pi and "ta-da"
    Of course there is always cookies ... and why it would not remember the configuration.
    My default browser settings are to delete cookies on exit .... when I realized, I added an exception for localhost. So all is well.

    This is a terrific piece of work ! Because the Touch Screen on the Pi (7") is "real estate challenged" and struggles with the example, default layout - I will need to work on my own, config. In any case, I want to make it quite minimal since my intention is just to have an essential "next to printer" experience.

    When I have something reasonable - I'll post it in the appropriate discussion.

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