Duet 3 controlled by PS3 remote via bluetooth

  • I've managed to connect a PS3 to the raspberry Pi, which is connected to my Duet 3 board.


    • Python 3 code (using evdev and pydsfapi libraries);
    • It uses all buttons to address direct GCODE commands or launch macros;
    • It also converts sticker events into GCODE moves. How much you push the sticker, the greater the move is.

    Limitations so far:

    • Simple code as I am not a professional coder/developer;
    • Not yet controlled code when PS3 controller shutsdown;
    • For the stickers, it only does one move per axis - no multiple axis moves.

    I am either available to provide the code for you guys make a plugin or code the plugin myself.

    Here you have a test run. 🙂

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