Tip - How to remove adhesive build surfaces (e.g. Buildtak)

  • I run a small print farm, and I consequently change my "Faketak" sheets fairly often. (I prefer Flashforge's blue Buildtak knockoffs.)

    Normally when I wish to change these obnoxiously fused stickers, I simply yank, pull, and scrape until (a) the sticker peels off, (b) it rips and I gouge the back of my hand on a screw, or (c) I give up and wait for it to mysteriously fall off.

    Yesterday, however, I had the brilliant thought to heat the bed first. For those who don't know, the adhesive on the back of those print surfaces is very heat sensitive. Mine cleanly peeled off with only two fingers of force after heating my bed to 130C!

    Just be careful - it is easy to burn yourself!

    Also, acetone dissolves the sticky remaining on the metal after you peel off your sticker, but keep it away from plastic and only use it after the plate cools! 😏

    I just wanted to share that in hopes of being helpful to someone somewhere. Happy printing! 😃