Kindle fire and dwc

  • Does anyone use a kindle fire as a display for DWC? I only ask as my cheap 7inch tablet died and I can get a kindle fire for £40 which seems very reasonable.

  • A quick check with my older 7" seems OK but I did not test every element.


  • Thank you. I don't really need any of the other functionality but it's £40 for kindle or £35 for Chinese cheapo tablet so seems a no brainer.

  • I use one and it works fine except for one thing. If you try to type in a temp in the window instead of selecting a preset one it gives me a java error. It doesn't mess anything up I just have to reconnect to continue. I haven't tried any other browser than the Silk browser though. You can set temps in the settings section with the keypad without error .

  • I used to get that with my cheapo android tablet also, so I think thats a more widespread bug with tablets in general, but thanks for the info seems like it will work fine.


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