SOLVED Expected behaviour?

  • Duet3 on DSF Version: 3.1.1
    Using RPi4 on SBC
    DWC on 3.1.1

    1. Accidently set temp on H0, hit Emergency Stop. Emergency Stop button spins, as it is waiting for H0 temp command to complete. I didn't want to wait went directly to reboot RPi.
    2. SSH to RPi, sent "sudo shutdown -r now" - Pi reboots, and DWC disconnects from printer.
    3. Once printer is back up and running, DWC automatically connects, and H0 temp is still heating up to set temp. - I pressed Emergency Stop and printer Reset/DWC disconnection/reconnected. Expected result, with tool turn off.

    I assumed if I reset the RPi, it was the ultimate printer STOP button.
    But also assumed, the Emergency Stop button waited for no command to process/complete, interrupt the running command and reset the printer.

  • @BlueDust said in Expected behaviour?:

    I assumed if I reset the RPi, it was the ultimate printer STOP button.

    That would be the little reset button on the board, or the big mushroom button you placed in series with the power supply.

    You might be able to the the RPi into the reset signal of the Duet to achieve something similar with suitable strong pull down and then drive a gpio high on the RPi. Experimentation would be needed.

  • @bearer
    My Duet2 Printing is in printing (long print) and will try this situation with it once it is done (minus SBC). It is still on 2.x.... I just thought the Emergency Stop button on the Duet2 stopped the printer no matter what it was in the middle of doing.

  • I have 3.2 RC1 installed on my Duet3.
    Am I supposed to see the 0,0,0 indicator on the heat map showing the Z plane like previous versions?
    Not sure if this is a browser bug, or DWC.



  • I am not sure what changed, but it is working now.


  • New update has been released. If i have any more problems like the ones mentioned, I will add another post.

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