Resume file after turning off SBC?

  • I know that normal power loss auto save does not work on sbc at the moment:
    But I am wondering if it is possible to create and save a resurrect.g without losing power, (maybe in the pause.g macro?), shut off the printer, turn back on later and run the resurrect.g in order to continue the file.

  • I am not sure a pi would have the power left over to write a file quickly before fully shuuting down.

    I know for sure that Pi`s dont like power cuts and can easy corrupt SD cards if your writing to it during a outage.

  • Sorry @lodger maybe I should have made this more clear, I am not at all trying to combat a power loss. I just want to be able to save the remaining part of a paused file using a macro, manually shut the printer down and then turn it on at a lated date and resume the same file.

  • Moderator

    You could do it manually. Pause the print, ideally right at a layer change. Make note of the Z height. Turn off the printer. To resume, you'd need to edit the gcode file such that it starts exactly where you paused. You would need to home X and Y and manually set the Z position or home to Z max. Set your temps and start printing the modified gcode file.

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