Tools with offsets move past axis limits

  • Why can the tool move < 0 on X when my axis minimum is 0, even if the tool has an offset? I am not using M564 anywhere. Seems like the idea of a tool offset isn't just to line up with other tools, and to locate itself on the workpiece, but also to avoid overrunning end stops. What if this was a CNC lathe and it let me push the tool past the axis limits?

    Otherwise if I wanted to set my X minimum below zero, should I just use the offset of the tool furthest to the left?

    This is my config/geometry

                         Min       Max
    X                     0        303
    Y                    -7        300
    Z                     0        600
    carriage      (0, 0, 0)
    tool0         (15.1, 0, -24.35)
    tool1         (15.30, 0.8, -24.16)

  • Hi,

    Please post your actual config.g file using the </> tag



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