control for multiple solid state relays

  • Ok so Im modifying and building a new printer thats going to be for high temp and structural stuff. Now since Im considering the duet board I have really no experience with it so this is all in to see if its going to fit the needs I have for this current build. Also I did use the search function to see if I could come up with an answer, But failed to have any success.

    Long story short I want to be able to control
    2 extruders
    a AC heat bed
    a AC enclosure heater

    now unless im missing something Im seeing 2 extruders and 1 heat bed output on the board

    I need 2 extruders and 2 "heat bed" outputs all 4 with thermisters and the 2 "heat beds" controlling solid state relays


  • @bullhayward if you're driving relays then you can use fan outputs.
    So you can either use a duet 2 utilizing an expansion board or the appropriate wiring to use an expansion heater and temperature sensor.
    Or you could get a duet 3 mini and use something like a couple of toolboards over can.
    Or you could get a duet 3.

  • So your saying the ssrs can be run by the fan outputs? now are you still able to run PID on these or just bang bang?


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    On the Duet2 boards the outputs were grouped into heaters, fans, etc. But they can be used for purposes other than the label. On the Duet 3 those predefined rolls are removed entirely and now the outputs are just grouped into low current or high current and the pins are defined in the config to do the role you need.

    All that said, yes, a fan output can be used as a heater output, and yes, it can do PWM control for the PID algorithm.

  • @Phaedrux thanks for that. I was really hoping to make the switch from the Creality board I was using as this printer started as an ender 3 ( now I am not even sure I could say its a mod as its becoming more like an ender 5 but with 400 mm squared build area ). as I wanted to run dual filament high heat parts. Everything I had read and saw about the duet stuff made me want to move to it including the ability to in future use it to build a plasma cnc cutter out of the plasma cutter I have. It just seems to be such a versatile platform unlike marlin, Altho marlin was a great introduction into this world for myself and probably many others.

    Thanks for the warm welcome from those who responded aswell.

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    Welcome aboard!

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