Tfree macros - place tool into standby

  • Hopefully an easy one.

    I am attempting to control oozing on took changes on my IDEX system.

    What i would like to do is in the tfree macros,
    Move the tool to the dump bin,
    Place the tool into standby,
    Dwell for 10 seconds to let the nozzel ooze while the temp of the hotend cools and it stops oozing
    Move out the way

    How would i put the Tool into standby?

    The standby temp is set in the slicer depending on the material so i do not want to set a standby temp, just activate standby temp that has already been set in the starting script.

    Is there a way to active the standby temp for a tool from Gcode?

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    The tool will go into standby automatically at the end of executing tfree. I don't think there is a way to make it happen earlier.

    Can you put dump bins under the parking positions of each tool, and do the wipe in either tpre or tpost when you re-select the tool?

  • Thats what i tried but but the dump bins are not at the max park position so when tool one moves to max park position it wipes of what has oozed but then continues to ooze outside of the dump bin until that tool has cooled. Sometimes this results in the ooze falling of during the print of the next tool which after awhile ends up in a collection of mess or on next tool selection, when i move that tool to the dump bin to re-heat, it flicks off outside of the dump bin.

    If there is not a way to call standby from within tfree then at least i know i need to think of another solution.
    It might be possible to redesign the dump bin for the left tool but not possible with out modifying the frame for the right tool.
    What about lowing the temp relative to the current temp? So lowing by 40c relative to what ever the current active tool temp is? Is that possible by Gcode?

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    I could probably make T-1 P0 do what you want in the next version of the firmware.

  • That would be great, thanks!

    For completeness this is my tfree0 macro:

    M83 ; relative extruder movement
    G1 E-2 F3600 ; retract 2mm
    G91 ; relative axis movement
    G1 Z3 F500 ; up 3mm
    G90 ; absolute axis movement
    G1 X30 Y-30 F6000 ; move the X carriage in front of dock
    G1 X0 F6000 ; Move the X carriage into dock
    G1 E15 F3600 ; extrude 15mm
    G1 E-2 F3600 ; retract 2mm
    ;insert standby of tool code here;
    G4 S10 ; dwell for 10 seconds (adjust as needed to when ooze stops)
    G1 X30 F6000 ; move the X carriage in front of dock
    G1 X0 F6000 ; move the X carriage into dock
    G1 X-13 F6000 ; park the X carriage at -13mm

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    OK, I've just done a change which - if I got it right -will allow T commands to be used within tool change macro files, without the firmware getting horribly confused as it will at present. The change will be in 1.20beta2.

  • Thanks! Ill keep an eye out for it!

  • Hi dc42, Did your change make it into 1.20beta2? I have not tried yet but just confirming.

    If so, to put the tool into standby in the tfree macro do i just do T-0 P0 to put Tool 0 into standby and T-1 P0 to put Tool 1 into standby? Also, not that i requested this of course, can you put the tool into standby and wait until it hits that temp (wait to cool), if not i can put a wait in after the T-0 P0 for a set amount of seconds.

    I checked the release notes but did not see it so just want to make sure it made the cut.

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    Yes that change should be in the latest beta (beta4).

    The M116 command gives you options for waiting for particular tools to reach their assigned temperatures.

  • Hello Again,

    I have just updated to 1.20 Released and want to give this a go now (found some time at home)…

    Can you confirm the syntax for putting the tool into standby. is it:

    T-0 P0 ; Put tool 0 into standby
    T-1 P0 ; Put tool 1 into standby


    T-0 P0 ; Put tool 0 into standby
    T-0 P1 ; Put tool 1 into standby

    Or something else?

    Happy new year! (bit late I know)

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    T0 P0 ; make tool 0 active
    T1 P0 ; make tool 1 active, tool 0 standby
    T-1 P0 ; both tools now on standby

    You should not use T commands in tool change files (tpre, tpost, tfree). You might get away with it in some cases.

  • Thanks! I Will use with caution.

  • Yep that works. Tested in my tfree0 and 1 and works as i expected. At end of a tool usage it waits for the active tool to cool a bit so stops oozing out my volcano, wipes and switches tool. This will prevent alot of random oozed filament from being dragged about and falling off randomly.


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