Controling Actions After Heater Fault?

  • Hi All,

    My Ormerod 2 to Core X-Y project with improved safeties has finally completed. I was under the impression that I could set up the Duet to drop the ATX_ON signal on the 5V connector if a heater fault is detected?

    My system:

    Duet 0.6
    Firmware Version: 1.19.2
    Web Interface 1.19 (Christian Hammacher)

    Ideally this would be a hard coded option rather than having it execute a Macro, as the latter relies on the SD card data being 100%, and SD cards do fail. I get through about 1 every two years on my mobile phone, but that does get hammered with photos!


  • Meh, not completed, but building parts! This project will never be finished! 😄

    Update, dc42 had replied to my comment on an earlier thread which I had missed. I'm still not used to perpetually re-clicking subscribe on the threads!


    There is no facility yet to turn off the power supply when a heater fault is detected. It's on the list to add when we have implemented logging, so that the cause of the power going off can be determined subsequently.

    Here is is the thread with his response. Essentially it is in the pipe line but considered not viable until after logging is completed. I'm not sure if this is a feature that is supported on the 0.6 Duet compatible firmware or not.

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