Lines on screen

  • So just got my paneldue without screen on Filastruder free day. I ordered a 5 in 1963 LCD touch panel. Flashed firmware and connected it. It works. It connects and shows me everything I need but a few seconds into using I get a white screen with thin black lines going across the screen. It starts off fine then starts flickering to the pattern it then stays that way.

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    You'll need to host your image on a public site such as Dropbox for us to see it.

    Flickering can be a sign of insufficient power to the display. This could be due to running your Duet from USB power only, or because of a bad connection in the cable. Are you providing VIN power to the Duet?

    If it is a version 3.0 PanelDue then also check that there is a short link wire soldered on the underside of the board - although it's hard to see how it could have passed testing if that wire was missing.

    If there is a steady 3.3V between that wire and ground but the flickering still occurs, then the TFT panel is faulty.

  • Thanks for the info. The issue was with the panel. I was able to press the ribbon cable on the back of the TFT and the lines went away.


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