Duet time estimation….

  • Hi,

    In Duet Web Control–>Print Status. There is a section, of time estimation, with 3 diferent times

    Based on Filament Usage
    File Progress
    Layer Time

    What correspond those times?
    How they are calculated?

    The only time i understand is the Time estimation in base of filament usage, think is the time, aprox., the print will finish.

    But the other 2 times, i understand.


  • AFAIK they are all based on what has happened so far, then extrapolated to the end of the print based on the same rate of change for each parameter.

  • administrators

    If you want a more accurate estimate, run the print in simulation mode.

  • It would be interesting to plot the evolution of these 3 computed end times during the print, to see how they evolve. I guess it depends on the part printed, but there is maybe something to find out from this…

  • Yes it depends entirely on the part being printed. For example, if the first few layers are a lot bigger than the rest, then the calculated time to finish the print based on layer time will be a long way out at the beginning but get closer towards the end, as the average layer time diminishes. If the layers are all about the same size with the same amount of infill, then the calculated time based on layer time will be a lot closer. If the object was like an inverted cone, with layers getting bigger, then the calculated time to completion will be low at the start. Similar scenarios apply to filament usage and file size. The calculations don't lookahead so can only be based on what has happened so far and not what must happen in the future. As David said, the only way to get an accurate estimate is run the print in simulation mode.

  • Ok… Thanks... But, in gcode there is the meters of filament used in the file printed, and the speed that have the printer during work...

    Why can't know the Duet estimated time?

  • Because infill, perimeters, etc etc can all run at different speeds. In my experience that's the closest, but my first layer is always solid and .2mm where the rest of the print may be .1mm or .35 which means the time has to be recalculated and averaged out to be close.

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