90 degrees not 90 degrees…

  • My printer was built from scratch.
    I didn't have access to a 3D printer when I started and decided to mill some brackets by hand.
    Sadly, I am decent at building, not professional. I was planning to reprint the brackets once the printer was finished to increase the accuracy of my printer.

    Now I have noticed that a 90 degree bracket is more like a 92-95 degree…

    My question is, I know that there is a code to correct this. I have read it some where but I can't seem to find or recall where I had red that. Do any of you remembers it, and possibly a source for the math on how to use it properly?

    Thanks you for your assistance.

  • https://duet3d.com/wiki/G-code#M556:_Axis_compensation

    Also take a look here https://reprappro.com/documentation/commissioning-introduction/calibration-duet/ and scroll down to "Orthogonal Axis Compensation". Th document is for the RepRapPro Ormerod but the principle is the same - that is, unless you've built a Delta.

  • Perfect,

    I built a CoreXY and Thank you.

  • As it is a CoreXY then, depending on how you've built it, it may be that the belt tension isn't equal. This can skew the X axis such that it isn't at right angles to the Y axis. One way to check is to push the X carriage all the way to the back of the frame and check that it is just touching, or that you have the same gap, at each end. If there is a gap or a lager gap on one side, adjust the belt tensions until it's equal.

  • Will do thanks you

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