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  • Once again, I find I have to pay the Duet guys a compliment.

    We just received the CR-10 as a new test printer and my god it is a blast from the past.
    Suddenly I find myself copying files to a SD card, walk over to the printer, insert, use some clunky dial knob to scroll through the files, select and print. Hmm, printing a bit slow, how in the world do I increase print speed? No idea. How long is it going to take? Ahh, let me walk over to the printer again and see. Hmm, no idea, no indication at all.

    You know what, I will install Repetier and connect that way. Shit, printer stopped mid print just because I plugged in the usb cable.
    Hmm, what Baud rate do I need. No auto config, so I need to look it up. Hmm I have a little more control now, but am afraid to switch off, as that might stop the printer again in mid print. But at least I can see how long it will take, oh wait. No I can't. All I get is a 2% printed status. Sigh.

    I will do the next part on my DuetWiFi. Open the browser window, upload a file, smooth! Start the print.
    Stroll over to the printer, see that it is running a bit slow, need to adjust the slicer. But for now, I will simply use the touch screen to increase the print speed a bit. Hmm, that is better, only 18 minutes to go.

    Then I realise, I am back in the future! What a relief to be working with a DuetWifi board.

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    Thanks for the compliment!

    It would be good to see a similar post on the General section of the RepRap forums, because I don't think most 3D printer users who visit it realise things have moved on.

  • I give duet a big up whenever I'm asked or it is appropriate. Do you guys do facebook marketing? That's where the action is right now, it's a bit like the wild west compared to this forum but there's a lot of potential customers out there?

  • there is a very Active chat re 3D printing on Discord where I push the Duet at every opportunity


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