Creality ENDER-2

  • I've just bought one for my 12 year old godson. It was supposed to be a xmass present, but he will have to wait a bit longer.
    This year he joined a mechanical/electrical orientated school (don't know how to call it really) and he loves it. So lets hope he can make good use of this printer.
    U$S250 with free DHL shipping looked too good for a first starter.

    Has anyone bought or saw one live? I've read some reviews and they claim it's a good enough printer.
    But I really wonder what you guys think.

    PS… Now I'm thinking of eventually upgrading it with a Duet 😃

  • BTW, Sorry if making threads of non-duet related stuff is not allowed. But the knowledge in this forum is superb.
    Maybe add a general hangout discussion area?

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