Bug: gcode file not found in subdirectory

  • firmware 1.20 on a duet/ethernet:


    From the G-Code Files page, Make new Directory. Call the directory "PLA (L)" ("P", "L", "A", space, open paren, "L", close paren.)

    Upload a gcode file to the newly made directory.

    Try to print the gcode file just uploaded.

    Expected: The file prints. (Of course.)

    Actual result: Nothing prints, but an error appears: M32: GCode file "PLA /filename.gcode" not found

    Notice in the error message that the directory name is truncated before the open paren symbol.

  • administrators

    This is because standard gcode uses parentheses to surround comments. The workaround in firmware v1.20 is to enclose filenames and other string parameters in double quotation marks within Gcode commands, but DWC doesn't do that yet. The v1.20 PanelDue firmware does.

  • It sounds like I might be bumping into minor "known" issues, but without knowing that they are known. Is there bug list available I can check before spamming the forum?

    Eventually, I'll just clone the code and fix things on my own (and send pull requests), but right now I'm extremely behind on my paying job, so don't have the time to do much more than document things.

    It's really very exciting to me to be using an excellent control board that's actually supported and being actively worked on, so I feel it's the least I can do to provide bug information to the best of my ability.

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