• Here are 2 things on my wishlist for DWC. And maybe these already have solutions that I'm not already aware of.

    1. No Autofill. In the main window, sometimes I type a command, but just before I hit enter, it autofills and I type a command I don't want to send. For example. If I type G28, it may autofill and send G28 X. I can turn autofill off in my browser, but I don't want to have to turn it back on later. Hopefully there is some way in the code to prevent autofill.

    2. Select previously entered gcode commands. In printrun, I can press the "up arrow" once on the keyboard, then press"Enter/Return" in order to send the previously sent command. Or I can press the up arrow several times to select a command that was sent 8 commands ago. This would be super useful for me at least. Alternatively, it would be cool if you could double click a previously sent command as seen in the g-code console and have it run.

  • Octoprint has #2, and I used it quite a bit. So +1 for #2.

  • Another +1 for #2. I wish Simplify3D had it as well.

  • Another +1 here.

  • Both good suggestions. I don't know if #1 is really best solved browser side or not, but #2 would be very useful.

  • Both of these ideas get my vote.

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