Esimate weight of printed object…

  • Hi,

    When i slice a object for print it…. Slicer, say me de leght of filamente i will use...

    How i can estimate weight of printed object?

    1- I suppose that each material will have a density, a weight per meter
    2- Does that density change from the roll to the extruded material?
    3- The density of a material (ABS, PLA, PETG, ....), changes according to the manufacturer? (In an appreciable way)
    4- When the Slicer tells you the meters of material you are going to use, I suppose you will take into account the auxiliary structures. Is there any way to keep them in mind, and take off your weight?

  • On Slic3r PE, you can set a density for each filament type and the slicer will calculate weight of filament used to print when it slices.

    I used nominal density values and the printed object weights are generally pretty close to the estimated weights. Note that any support material is included in the printed weight.


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