My board seems dead but shows a com port connection

  • I have a new duet wifi board from E3D and it seems dead I can connect via serial on com 11 but that's all I can do is connect I cant send any commands or can I receive any

    I am not a newbie and my serial connection is fine. I have copied a config file over to the sd card giving my wifi connection settings but still nothing
    i have uploaded the drivers and showing Bossa programming port on port 11

    I am showing 3 lights in the left-hand side blue, red green, also red lights either side of the USB socket
    there is no light on the Wifi card

    all I have connected at the moment is 24v and the hot end heater and hotbed but nothing else is connected yet.

    I thought maybe a bad firmware or config file. but not really sure how to solve this correctly.

    any help, please?

  • if it is showing as a BOSSA Port then there is no firmware on the board did you by any chance press the erase button?

    Anyway to get Firmware back onto the board you will need to use FallBack Procedure 3 from the following page

    Hope this gets you up and running.


  • great its up and working now thanks
    i must have caught it while putting it on to the printer #FatFinigers

  • glad you have it sorted


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