Manipulating web control interface

  • hi to all,

    I want to replace heaters pins to pressure pins. can anyone help me getting off this? or any where in web control interface i want to replace the heater name to pressure name and want pressure units there?

  • Start by downloading and unzipping the DWC from github, using the "clone or download" button here:

    Once it is fully unzipped, load it from your local PC/Mac via "file:///C:/Users/xyz/abc/DuetWebControl/core/reprap.htm" (adjusted for your paths, of course).

    Then open the developers console in your browser (F12 in Chrome) and start looking at "sources". You can change them on the fly in the browser, and/or change your files on disk and "reload". Sometimes to pick up all changes, you might need to do a Ctrl-Shift-R style reload.

  • Once you've made all the changes you wish, you can either zip it all back up and upload that one file to the Duet via the DWC, or you can replace individual files in the /www directory.

    Hint: If there is both a "" and a "" file in /www, the .gz will be used. So either .gzip everything, or put the SD card in a PC/Mac and totally clean out the /www directory before putting your stuff in.

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