Getting Started

  • I've plugged the board in thru USB and managed to connect it to Repetier Host, but that's as far as I can get. I enter the M503 command as instructed, but nothing executes. Should I go ahead and plug in main power?

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    It may be that Repetier diverts the output of M503 for its own purposes. Try sending a few more commands such as M114, M119, M906.

  • Still nothing. I must be doing something wrong! I'm entering the commands from the manual tab of Repetier. I installed Pronterface on my pc, so I could try it instead, being that's what the Wiki uses for it's example, but I can't get it to connect.

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    Pronterface should connect readily as long as you tell it the correct COM port number. The baud rate doesn't matter. If Pronterface can't connect, what makes you certain that Repetier has connected successfully?

    If you are running Windows, does the Duet show up correctly in Device manager, and did you install the device driver?

  • Resolved my issues dc42. Repetier server was sill running in the background. Once I shut it down, Pronterface connected. Thanks for your assistance. Am currently getting ready to update the firmware. I should choose the 1.16 stable release files that were uploaded a couple days ago. Right?

  • Went ahead and tried uploading the 1.16 files. Web control was successful, although it killed my connection. Firmware failed as did the wifi server. I'll keep working on it.

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