Customise G29 area for each print

  • I'm thinking about writing a script that will process my gcode file to find the X and Y minimum and maximums for each print, then add a custom M557 command to the start of the gcode with these coordinates. That way I can get a detailed and accurate mesh grid probe of the area I'm printing, while not wasting time probing the entire bed before every print.

    Ideally I'd get those parameters directly in the gcode from Simplify3D but I don't think it supports those variables, so I'll probably have to post-process the code elsewhere.

    What I'm wondering is will there be any issues from a firmware perspective with this? I shouldn't be printing outside the probed area anyway, but in case I do the firmware should just interpolate the compensation to the edges of the bed, correct?

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    It would be nice if the slicer could generate a command at the start of the gcode that specifies the X and Y limits of the print using M557 or similar. Maybe you should ask @burtoogle nicely to put that facility in Cura?

    If you print outside the probed grid then the firmware computes the height error by extrapolating the average tilt in the X and Y directions.

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