Hot stepper when idle

  • I am using external DQ542MA stepper driver, via the expansion board on duetwifi

    I was doing some test then let the setup.. sit for an hour and noticed that the stepper was hot.. sitting idle.

    Currently i have M84 S30 set

    so it should disable after 30seconds..? but it was still holding position
    i dont use M906 as its an external driver

  • administrators

    The problem with disabling stepper motors when idle is that when you re-enable them, they may jump by 4 full steps in either direction. That's why in RRF there is no default disabling of drivers, instead we reduce the motor current. Your external drivers may have this facility too, it's called "standstill current reduction".

  • yes there is a switch on the stepper driver to reduce current by 70% when idle, it is already enabled though

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