confirm of jumpers and fans

  • Just a hand holding request to confirm so I don't mess up

    I have the board positioned vertically in a project box; with the steppers towards top (north).
    (there is a fan pointed to the back of the card

    Power in positive is the connection closest to the steppers.
    Fan negative is left towards the SD card

    Being a delta Z will be the furthest most top right (north east) connection.
    With one stepper the jumpers in Z2 remain in place.

    I am going to use internal 12v from the power supply for fans -
    ---vfan jumper select should be rightmost two pins.

    And I am going to use internal 5v for the board
    ---the middle jumper pair should be closed, the rightmost jumper pair empty.

  • administrators

    Yes that's all correct.

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