duetwifi loud beep intermittent

  • Since yesterday my duetwifi started making a loud beep intermittently (beep doesn't really describe it correctly, more like the noise a mouse makes only louder). At first i didn't know it was the duet til i was working on changing the hotend. Then i clearly heard the beep coming from it. This was with with the power off and thought it was the backup power supply, which i removed, but the beep continues, not often, maybe once an hour or so, haven't timed the interval.

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    The Duet doesn't have any sound-generating components on board. So I think the beep must have come from a stepper motor, or the PanelDue if you have one, or the PSU.

  • Ok, trying to isolate the sound.

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    I guess it's just possible that the inductors in the 5V regulator on the Duet could make a noise if you had a short from +5V to ground.

  • Sorry, the beeping didnt come from the duet at all. My landlord installed a smoke detector right above it without telling me and that was the cause of the beeping.

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