Stall detection instead Zprob

  • Hi,

    I'm was juste wondering if the stall detction can replace the zProb ?

    As allready said in an other post, my zProb does not work on my buildtak (because it's black, bla bla bla)


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    There is already a thread about this. Basically, it's possible in the 2.0beta firmware if some conditions are met:

    1. Your Z steps/mm has to be high enough that the stall detect error of +/- 1 full step gives sufficient accuracy. For example, 800 steps/mm @ x16 microstepping is 50 full steps/mm, so 20um accuracy.

    2. Your Z steps/mm and Z motor torque have to be low enough that the stall can be detected without applying excessive force to the nozzle and the bed. You can reduce the Z motor current while Z probing using M913, but if you reduce it too much then stall detection won't work.

    3. Your printer must be sufficiently rigid that the bed and gantry won't bend significantly before the stall is detected.

    Use P10 in the M558 command to enable stall detect Z probing, and set up the Z motor stall detection parameters in M915 as usual.

  • Hum ok,

    So with my 200 steps motor and with à 1.25mm pitch rod it means 200 / 1.25 = 160 full steps per mm

    and a 1mm / 160 = 0.006mm per step

    It means à prcésision between 0.006mm and 0.024mm (4 steps)

    Am I right ?

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