Won't home after new board install

  • Just replaced old board with new 1.21, and now can't initiate homing on any axis. " G28
    Error: G0/G1: insufficient axes homed"
    My homing config: G91 ; relative mode
    G1 Z4 F200 ; raise head 4mm
    G1 X-345 F3000 S1 ; move up to 345 mm -X direction until the homing switches are triggered
    G1 Y-240 F2000 S1 ; move up to 240 mm in the -Y direction, stopping if the homing switch is triggered
    G1 Z-345 F800 S1 ; move Z down until the switch triggers
    G1 Z4 F200 ; move Z +4
    G1 Z-8 F200 S1 ; Move Z -8 or until switch triggers
    G90 ; back to absolute mode
    G92 Z0.3 ; tell the firmware that we are at Z=04mm

  • Yes newer firmware limits axis movement before homing by default,
    In above example you need to add S2 parameter to your G1 Z commands.
    If you dont want to do this, just add M564 H0 to your config.g, which will restore the old behavior.

  • @whosrdaddy said in Won't home after new board install:

    M564 H0

    That did it! Thank you very much.

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