Tuning Macros Menus (Accel, Jerk, Retraction, Pressure Advance)

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    A couple weeks ago I posted a firmware retraction tuning macro set. And now I've taken it to the logical conclusion and included macros for live tuning many more variables. This makes finding the sweet spot for print speeds quick and easy. Simply print your favourite tuning STL and start making adjustments to see the effects in real time.

    • Acceleration for X, Y, Z, E, axis plus Print and Travel moves
    • Jerk for X, Y, Z, E
    • Pressure Advance with values for Bowden and Direct drive
    • Firmware retraction variables

    You can download the macros from github here in a zip file.

    The easiest way to install them is to put the SD card into your computer and extract the zip file into the /macros folder.

    The menus work best with a PanelDue, but work with the DWC macros menu as well.

    Values have been stepped in increments of 60mm/min (1mm/s) for most things. But steps of 1000 are also available. Z axis adjustments are more sensitive at 10mm/min increments. I've tried to go to ranges high enough that should be good for most users.

    For acceleration and jerk tuning to work, make sure you've disabled any accel or jerk control inserted by the slicer.

    For retraction tuning you must be using firmware retraction. See the other firmware retraction thread for more details.

    Each time a value is changed it is echoed to the console window so you can see what the last used value was so you can add it to the config.g to make it permanent. You may need to turn on command echo in the DWC settings for pop ups to show up. In the PanelDue they show up in the console window.

    I've done my best to make sure all the commands are accurate to what they say they are, but mistakes may have been made. I've done some testing, but I haven't tested every single one. Even if I have made no mistakes, you can still potentially damage something by choosing a value that is completely unreasonable for your setup. For example, choosing a very long retraction value for a direct drive extruder. I recommend you start with small values and work your way up.

    If you find any mistakes, please let me know and I'll update the download link.

    If you change things too much and want to go back, you can simply reboot the controller and the defaults from config.g will be loaded. Alternatively, you can edit the Return to Defaults macro to use your current values before you start to test, that way you can return to your old values with the touch of a button.

    Here's a few more pictures of what the menus look like in the DWC:

    0_1532572721686_Screenshot 2018-07-25 19.26.52.png

    0_1532572739163_Screenshot 2018-07-25 19.26.57.png

    0_1532572788665_Screenshot 2018-07-25 19.27.03.png

    0_1532572749747_Screenshot 2018-07-25 19.27.07.png

    0_1532572767965_Screenshot 2018-07-25 19.29.27.png

    0_1532572800675_Screenshot 2018-07-25 19.29.31.png

    More photos showing the menus on a PanelDue 7.

    IMG_0073 copy.jpeg IMG_0072 copy.jpeg IMG_0071 copy.jpeg IMG_0070 copy.jpeg