Macro file sorting

  • Similar to the gcode file sorting request - the ability to reorder Macro files.

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    Macro files are ordered by name. So you can get them in the order you want if you are creative with the names. However, I have previously considered allowing names such as "3#E motors off" where the whole name would be used for sorting but only the text following the # character would be displayed in the Macros list, allowing you to change the order without changing the displayed text.

  • I like the "3#" solution. For instance, I have controlled LED lights and I have a set of macros in a folder called LEDs:

    Half On

    I'd like them to appear in this order but currently they are not. This is just a simple example, I use a lot of macros!

    On a related topic - I'd love to be able to have macros on the g-code console and print status displays too. Extra credit if the macro can be scoped to one or multiple of these pages!

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    In fact this is already possible in DWC, I use that for exactly the same purpose. To make sure your macros show up in the desired order, name them like this:

    2_Half On

    Obviously this would be easier to do if there was an easy way to rename files. I may have a look at this later today.

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