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    Perhaps the temperature sensing function is buggy on the Maestro since it does not show anything on M122? However your test did report the temperature error, did it also turn off the motor or report short to ground?

    In my tests, the over-temperature warning was reported by M122, but not to the console as popup warning messages. I have found the cause for that and I am working on a 2.02beta2 release. I didn't let the drives get hot enough to give over-temperature shutdown.

    Something to note, during my first few power ups I had the default speeds copied from my smoothieboard (very high) and the current set to 1.5. The board would report short to ground on all axis the second I tried to home.

    That's interesting! I think this is either an issue with using stealthChop mode at high speeds (which Trinamic says on the data sheet may not work well), or else your motor cable capacitance is very high and the blanking time parameter in the chopper control register needs to be increased because of that. Have you tried using spreadcycle mode? To select it on driver 0, send M569 P0 D2. Repeat for P1...P4. With the motors that I tested with, it was quiet at all speeds; but I am aware that spread cycle mode can be noisier than stealthchop with some types of motor.

    If that doesn't help then I can give you the chopper control register values to increase the blanking time.

    So the maestro is stated to support 1.6 amp but apparently this is still under testing? If I have to go below 1 amp for reliability how much should I expect to decrease speeds when compared to my smoothieboard running at 1.8 amps?

    The firmware limit and design goal is 1.6A. My tests indicate that 1.0A on 4 drivers works without any cooling at all, and 1.4A works with minimal fan cooling. With a properly-designed enclosure with a fan that blows air along both top and bottom of the Duet, I think 1.6A should be achievable.

  • @infamous_panda
    I dont care about speed 😉
    My next mods are Plexi Cover, 0.9 degree steppers, smart effector with mag balls, linear rails and a flexi drive direct Extruder.
    I allready have the parts, but it takes time...


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