Question about bed leveling / bed mesh compensation

  • Hi,

    I am trying to get my delta as finely tuned as I can. Toward that result I have been working to improve the bed leveling and trying out bed mesh compensation for the first time.

    My question is simple.

    For bed leveling I get to/have to specify the points to probe in bed.g.

    For bed mesh compensation all I do is specify the radius for probing using M557.

    After watching the bed mesh probing it seems that the firmware could pick points for bed leveling as well and possibly pick better points than I do.

    Is there a reason why the user specifies the bed leveling probe points rather than the firmware?

    Thanks much.


  • Moderator

    I guess because you know the geometry of your bed better than the firmware. You may want to only probe a small section of the bed in high detail to save time or get greater accuracy if you know you wobt be printing edge to edge parts.

    I suppose the firmware could generate an automatic grid using the max extents of the travel limits and the offset of the probe. I'm not sure.

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