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  • I would suggest investing in UI/UX optimization software and possibly vendor. There are packages (JavaScript) that you embed that track the most popular functions and areas paid attention to. This will help greatly.

    I say this because my workflow for building/tuning a printer involve many screen changes between the different functions. It would be great if those popular functions were all in one place.

    Having the gcode console, machine controls, and others on the same page would be good. Think of the UI like an IDE like eclips Eclipse or IntelliJ; developer debugging workflows is a good analog for working with the printer.

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    Yes, in fact I want to focus on this in the future but the reason DWC is still working so well even with smaller 32-bit processors like the SAM3X is because I try to keep the number of used JS libraries and external dependencies at a minimum. I don't even use JQuery UI or other commonly used JS libraries because I want DWC to load quickly and reliably.

    This restriction is no longer as important as on earlier boards but it is still a factor. Also, until we resolve further questions about modularity and flexibility I don't think you can expect much bigger improvements in terms of UX. However be assured this is something we are going to address in the future.

  • Isn't the DWC loading just once and then it is cached by the browser?

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