Dudes about Bltouch

  • Hi,

    I am trying to reinstall Bltouch... I haved installed and working... But after reconect as guide from BeTrue... BLTOUCH its not working.

    For find the mistake i Need support...

    If I dont bad remember, when Bltouch its connected, and power on Diet, they make a self test... The mine, dont do this test...

    For Bltouch do this test. Its neccessary have it configured in config.g, and macros from deploy y retract in sus folder? Or this test its do It ever power on duet?


    If Bltouch dont do this test... What can be the reason? What wires must to be conected for Bltouch do the test?

  • Moderator

    As far as I know the BLTouch will do a self test when it is powered on.

    Does the BLTouch light up at all? Perhaps your wiring is incorrect, or the BLTouch has failed.

  • Ok... Tomorrow try...

    One question, when do Bltouch self test? When its conected only to Zprobe shocket, when its conected only to expansión shocket or need to be conected to Zprobe and expansión shocket?

  • Hi,

    i am doing advances... BlTouch works.... but i cant remember the Gcode for let make negatives moves.... and i cant find it in wiki...

    Can someone help me?

    FIND IT: M208 S1 Z-30 ; Z-30 think its the new zlimit

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