7i PanelDue: moving the erase and reset button

  • For the way I've mounted the screen in my printer, the erase and reset button are not reachable. I could drill some holes for them, but that will just look bad. And I don't want to have to unmount the paneldue each time i need to update it after playing with its firmware.

    Would it be possible to solder wires to each button and connect a new button which would be mounted somewhere else? Which parts of the button would I solder the two wires to?

  • It is possible to add a switch like you mention. Note that this will void any remaining warranty.

    If you look at the 2 switches, they have 4 legs that are soldered to the PCB (2 on 1 side and 2 on the other side). On each side is both wires for the switch (the detection trace and to what it should connect). You should be able to simply solder a wire to each of the 2 legs on a side (use a multimeter to test and confirm), which goes to your switch.

    These switches are Momentary, so they connect the 2 when pressed.

  • To preserve warranty, you could PRINT a small plastic bracket that straddles the existing switch and presses wires against the terminals.

    Those wires would lead to your remote switch.

    And/or... I don't believe I've ever hit the ERASE switch when the board is mounted in the printer... Regarding the reset switch, just power cycle (the Panel only).

  • @danal and @Jacotheron Thank you for the information.

    I probably just have to do it for the erase switch only since power cycling is good enough for me for resetting it.

    I think I'll solder to the board since warranties were made to be voided.

    I'll check with the multimeter to make sure I do it correctly (if I do decide to try it).


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