Estimation times accurate?

  • Hi,

    I have stimate, by DWC, the estimate print time.... and i am seeing that estimate layer 1 = 5s, and.... this seems IMPOSSIBLE.... i have compare with gcodeanalyser, and stimates 4:35 MINUTES, for first layer....

    The only explanation i find, its DWC uses use seconds instead of minutes on the graph...

    Estimate print time with DWC= 2:38h
    Estimate time with gcodeanalyser=2:03h

    With print the gcode... say..

  • Not entirely sure what you're stating... so my response might be way off. While the duet is simulating a print, the estimated times shown in DWC are the estimated times for simulating. (It will take 5 seconds to simulate the layer, not 5 seconds to print it.)

    The only actual printing simulated times given by the duet are the final overall times which are shown in the console log (and appended to the .gcode file, but that's only currently visible via a PanelDue.)

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