MK2A 300x300 hotbed amperage and power consumption

  • Hi,

    I want to build a HEVO with a 300x300 bed and have it powered by duet wifi (1.04).
    I ordered parts according to Scott3D's spec and now I am a touch worried.

    Will the duet wifi be able to power that bed with it's 15A limit? (I know I can go to 18A, but I don't feel safe putting a 20A fuse there and pray :).

    Has anyone here made a setup like that? What is the actual power consumption on that powerbed? One place I saw 360W, another I saw 420W (which would be too much).

    I'm planning to power it all up with a 24V PSU (which I also have to buy, but first need to figure out the total power consumption of the beast).


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