Problem with the wifi connection of my Duet

  • Hi, my name is Enrique and I write because I have a problem with the wifi connection of my Duet wifi v 1.04.
    Two days ago I started to try the board but immediately I found that it was not connected, so I started reading the forum to find a solution, after many attempts and tests of all kinds that were recommended in the forum and to update to different firmware I discovered that if I press with my finger on the Wi-Fi module it was possible to establish the connection but when I stopped pressing the module the connection was lost.
    I understand it must be some pin with defect in the welding or similar.
    The board is new bought in e3d but they asked me to post my problem here to see if it is in warranty.
    I must clarify that I already have another wifi duet board purchased directly here (Duet3d) and it has worked perfectly for me.
    I share a link to a video that records where the problem I describe is seen.
    I apologize for my English but my principal language is Spanish.



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    Hi Enrique,

    I'm sorry your Duet appears to be faulty. Your warranty claim is approved.

  • Thank you very much for the quick response, I will communicate with e3D online.
    It really is a great product and I hope you can get the Duet3 for sale as soon as possible, since I have some project in mind for that board.




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