No X or Y axis movement delta build

  • Needing some help understanding what is going wrong with new build. Custom Delta Kossel build. Duet 2 Wifi v1.04 with latest rc4 firmware. Using metal cast 2040 corners, 360mm hayden magball arms, smart effector, and pulleys with v-wheel gantries.

    All fans, LEDs, Smart Probe, Hot-end, Temps, and heat bed all working perfect. I can home X, Y, and Z axis. If I use auto-calibrate all sliders go down and probe hits same spot (X 0; Y0) repeatedly, and returns with auto-config completed. It does not move around the bed. If I use G0 or G1 commands I get no movement. Clicking movement buttons on web interface returns green command, but no movement. If I try to run Gcode print, it will show x y z coordinates in top corner, but no movement.
    Puzzled by what could be going on. Hopefully it is a simple oversight. Thanks in advanced.

    0_1543191336553_config.g0_1543191563591_Screenshot (134).png
    0_1543192006296_Screenshot (136).png
    0_1543192033771_Screenshot (137).png
    0_1543191660023_Screenshot (135).png

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    Your M665 line in config.g is not viable, because the R (delta radius) parameter is way too large for the L (rod length) parameter . Correct it, also delete the M664 and M665 lines in config-override.g, and try again.

    Hint: delta radius is usually about half the rod length.

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