Duet 2 Ethernet works with USB power but not with external power

  • I'm building a new CoreXY printer. I'm using a Duet 2 Ethernet with a converted 24V ATX power supply. Now I have the following problem: If I supply the Duet board with 5V via USB, the network connection works fine. I can call the web interface without any problems. But if I supply the board with 5V from the power supply via the EXT 5V port, the Ethernet port doesn't work anymore (of course no power is fed in via the USB port). Both LEDs on the Ethernet port (yellow and green) are constantly lit (no flickering due to network traffic) and the web interface is not accessible. The Ethernet port also does not work when connecting 24V via POWER IN. Everything else can be controlled via the connected Duet Panel.

    At first I suspected a ground loop. After measuring everything, I couldn't find a source for a potential difference. Makes no sense with Ethernet because of the difference signal...

    Meanwhile I have come to the end with my Latin...

    Does anyone have an idea why?

    I already thought about soldering an ESP-12S 😕

    PS: Sorry for my English. I'm not a native speaker.

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    This is puzzling. What happens if you power up the Duet with external power, verify that the network interface isn't working, then connect YAT or Pronterface via USB and send M552 to check the network state? You could also send M122 to report the diagnostics.

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