Minimal scripting abilities?

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if the design of the firmware would allow adding some minimal scripting abilities.

    1. The ability to create a macro which could repeat a sequence of commands a fixed number of times. I create macros to exercise the mechanics of the printer. Currently I just cut-and-paste the sequence of commands over and over (and over...).
      So it would be grand if some sort of basic "repeat loop" could be implemented.

    2. The ability to respond to "checkbox" in the DWC (which naturally would need to be implemented) and based on the state of the checkbox to execute or not execute a command in a system g file (or macro). In my case the intent would be to allow altering the behavior of the print_begin.g and print_end.g files, that I have the slicer call, without having to edit the files.



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    Conditional gcode is in the works. See here:

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