Tuning M569

  • I understand the D and V parameters (and obviously the simple ones), but I'm curious what the H, F, Y, C, etc. are intended to tune and what the calibration method is for them?

    I'm specifically trying to minimize skipped steps. I'm trying to maximize speed and performance, I can run 5000 accel and 500 jerk pretty reliably, but getting much more aggressive than that causes skipped steps. Do these other params allow for optimizing the strength of the stepper?

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    The meanings of the parameters are listed at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode?revisionid=HEAD#Section_M569_Set_motor_driver_direction_enable_polarity_and_step_pulse_timing. To understand what these do, you will need to read the datasheet for the Trinamic drivers that your Duet uses. The C parameter (chopper control register) should not normally be used any more because the other parameters provide control over individual fields of the chopper control register.

    To minimise skipped steps:

    • Use a high motor current, but not so high that the motors or stepper drivers overheat;
    • If using the Duet Maestro, use spreadCycle mode not stealthChop

    The other parameters should have little or no impact on the likelihood of skipped steps.

  • @dc42 thank you

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